5 Disadvantages of Being Short 0

In a society that places great importance on appearances, being short is considered a liability. Aside from failing to reach the top shelf, the disadvantages of being short include discrimination and unequal opportunities. And although people are said to be perfect despite their imperfections, it’s hard to stay confident when the bias against short people is still prominent.

Below are five of the common disadvantages to being short. If you’re looking to grow taller make sure to checkout our Grow Taller Pyramid Secret reviews.

Social Discrimination

Short people are prone to social discrimination. In fact, children of shorter stature are often reported to be bullied by their taller classmates. Bullied children often grow up to be self-conscious and untrusting of their environment. That’s why even as adults, short people find it difficult to get respect from their peers.

Short adults look underage; that’s why when they go to bars or R-rated movies, they are often asked for their IDs. It’s the same story when they attempt to buy cigarettes, alcohol or adult-themed items in stores. These situations are embarrassing especially if they happen in the presence of dates or bosses.

Discrimination in the workplace is also common for short people. Studies show that shorter employees are paid less compared to their taller workmates. Similarly, actors on the short side have difficulty getting protagonist roles. They are mostly portrayed as murderers, annoying neighbors and other unsavory characters.

In the service industry, short applicants will have difficulty finding work in many high-end restaurants, hotels and stores. That’s because employers prefer to hire tall and beautiful people to serve their rich and powerful customers.

Inadequate Resources

Majority of clothes and shoes are made for people of average height. That’s why short people have difficulty finding items in their size. They either shop for adult-sized clothes or have them fixed, or they shop in the kids or teens department. Luckily for women, high heels can add a few inches to their height. Men however have to wear specialized footwear called elevator shoes just to look taller.

It’s also difficult for short people to find the right sized furniture. For instance, a lot of short people have difficulty reaching the floor with their feet when they sit down on chairs. Similarly, they have difficulty reaching items from top shelves and cabinets.

Poor Performance

One of the disadvantages of being short is poor performance. Although short and tall people generally score the same in terms of intelligence and skills, short people have trouble performing with tasks that require a certain height. For example, basketball is generally a sport for tall people. Shorter players have to compensate with skill and speed to get by in the game.

Studies also show that the richest and most powerful men in the world are mostly 6 feet or taller. In addition, countries with the tallest populations are generally more successful than countries with a short average height.

Difficulty Finding a Mate

Short men often have difficulty finding romantic partners. That’s because women desire tall and handsome men. In prehistoric times, women had to find well-built mates that could provide for them and their children. This means tall men were more desirable. This theory somewhat explains women’s inherent desire for tall men.

Still, short women have difficulty finding romantic partners as well. They are often perceived as childish and weak by potential mates. In addition, a lot of males prefer women who are just a few inches shorter than them.

Another reason why short people can’t find suitable partners is their poor performance in social events. Short people are often isolated in parties because their height makes them “invisible”. Some even complain that they are bumped or walked into because taller people can’t see them.

Short people also have difficulty communicating with other people. Some say they can’t hear conversations because they happen too far above them. Others have to raise their voices just to be heard.

Having difficulty communicating and feeling invisible are two major disadvantages of being short.

Sign of Poor Health

Being short is often seen as a sign of poor health. For instance, people from third world countries are generally shorter in height compared to people from developed countries. This is attributed to their poor nutrition and inadequate living conditions.

The disadvantages of being short are numerous. And unlike being too fat or too thin, there is no cure for it. However, short people should not think of themselves as disabled. Rather, they should make the most out of their height and find situations they could excel in.

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