Specific Exercises to Grow Taller 0

It has been said that age and genetics determine one’s height, but the truth is that there are specific exercises to get taller. As long as they are accompanied by a healthy diet and proper sleeping habits, you can grow taller.

One of the exercises to get taller is the Cobra. You do this by lying face down on the floor with the palms underneath the shoulders. Arch the back with the chin pointing up. Arch your back as far as possible and then hold this position for 5 to 30 seconds. Such a position elongates your spine and then adds height. Perform this exercise 3 times a day.

The Super Cobra is another exercise which improves your posture through stretching. It will also make you grow taller. Coming up from the Cobra, your arms must be perpendicular to the ground with the chin pointing up and the back arched. The body will then be bent at the hips while you gradually lift your midsection up to put your body in an inverted “V” position. Your chin must then be tucked against the chest. Hold this pose for 5 to 15 seconds prior to going back to your Cobra position in a gradual manner. This exercise must be done 6 times.

One of the exercises to get taller is the Super Stretch. You should first stand up straight and place your hands at your side. Lift your arms high and if necessary, lean back a bit. The lower spine must be stretched and elongated as this will help add height. Be in this position for 5 to 15 seconds prior to going back to your original position. You can do this exercise many times throughout the day.

Hanging exercises also help one get taller. Hang from a bar for several seconds. Try hanging for half an hour per week. This lengthen as well as straighten your spine for you to grow taller.

“This exercise stretches the whole skeleton, stimulating the arms, legs and spine to grow. This exercise must be performed up to 30 minutes a week and if you want, to take it a little to extreme, you can add weights to your ankles.” – Yahoo Voices

Another way to get taller is to perform the Bow Down exercise because this stretches the legs and lengthens your spine. Use your head to lead when you bend forward as far as you can reach. Make sure that your hands stay on the hips while your knees are not bent and the chin is away from the chest. Be in this position for 4 to 8 seconds prior to returning gradually to the original position. Do The Bow Down as many times possible.

Performing the Basic Leg Stretch can also make you taller. Stretch the legs out and then spread them wide and apart. Try to reach one leg and then touch your toes. Your legs and knees must not bend while you stay in such position for 7 to 10 seconds. Gradually go back to your original position and repeat such exercise with your other leg. Perform this exercise 4 times as this will lengthen the spine and the legs, adding to your height.

Kettlebell Swings can help add height. Kettlebells are metal balls with a loop handle, much like a cannonball with a handle. Such exercises decompress your spine as the hips and core are evenly strengthened.

With your hands, grab the kettlebell and place this between the legs. Drive with the hips so as to swing this to your chest level. Use momentum to be able to carry the kettlebell between the legs as you bend your knee and hips for the weight to be absorbed. Make sure the hips lock forward per swing while the arms are relaxed. You can hire a certified instructor when doing this exercise.

Doing pelvic tilts, known as cat and dog tilts in yoga, can help add height as well. When you tilt your pelvis backward and forward, it strengthens muscles and improves pelvic posture. To do this exercise, you must get on the floor on your knees and hands. The knees must be hip-width and the hands shoulder-width apart. You then alternate between your back arching upward and your tailbone going downward. Your back must be rounded as you arch the back downwards while you release your upper chest from the floor.

These are but some of the known exercises to get taller. There are more workouts you can try which you can find on the internet or from your health practitioner. Just make sure that before trying these exercises, you get clearance from your doctor.