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Professional American boxer Jack Dempsey once said, “Tall men come down to my height when I hit ‘em in the body”. But there was really no need for him to bring anyone down to his height, because he was probably taller than most men he encounters. His height was 6 feet 1 inch tall, making him look ferocious inside the boxing ring. There’s just something about big, tall men that is highly intimidating.

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In some sports like basketball, Australian rules football, baseball, fencing, rowing and swimming, height can be a major advantage. In the dating scene, studies find that most women often prefer men who are taller than them. There are definitely a lot of advantages to being tall, especially for men. Thus, there are a lot of men who try to find ways to add a few inches to their height. In answer to this demand, there are now a lot of programs being offered by some companies for short men who want to increase their height.

Height increase programs on the internet

There are several programs being offered online that promise solutions to increase height, whether naturally, through supplements or specific exercises. Some programs will offer stretching exercises that promises an increase in height. In a way, these exercises help improve a person’s posture, giving the illusion that they are taller. Some programs offer human growth hormones amino acid supplements that claim to release growth hormones fast. These supplements can be expensive so before taking any pills, make sure to research about the product and know its ingredients. Always consult with a doctor before getting into the program. The doctors will be able to tell whether the program is safe and whether your chance of gaining more height is still probable or not.

Generally, these programs are not free. Others are legitimate programs while others are just scams. When searching for a height increase program online, don’t be fooled by sales pages that scrimp on information. There are legitimate sites that even offer free ebooks. Read reviews first before signing up to any program. It might also be a good idea to search online for articles providing free information on how to increase height naturally. We believe that the best possible route to take would be the Pyramid Secret program.

Factors that affect human height and growth

According to Wikipedia, there are three factors that can affect human height – genetics, environment and the food we eat.

Genetic background is a major factor when it comes to a person’s height. For example, the average height of males in the US and UK are between 5’ 7” up to 5’ 10” while Asian males average at around 5’ 2” up to 5’ 8”. Height usually runs in the family. Those who have tall family members are also more likely to have tall children as well.

Environmental and nutrition factors are basically related. In areas of extreme poverty wherein chronic malnutrition is predominant, delayed, stunted or reduced growth is usually seen. This is because the body is not getting the right nutrition, especially during the period of growth and development. The time from childhood to puberty is usually the period wherein the growth hormones kick in. During this time, proper nutrition is essential in order to stimulate those growth hormones before the growth plate fusion occurs. This is the time when a person stops growing and the bones have reached its maximum length.

According to some studies, even the health of a pregnant woman can also be a factor when it comes to the height of the child. If the mother is able to give optimal prenatal conditions to the developing baby in her womb, the more likely that the child will grow up with optimal health and more active growth hormones. Some modern studies also suggest that a child’s height also has something to do with the mother’s age. These studies have shown that there is a gradual increase in height in the child along with the mother’s maternal age.

Although human height continues to be a science that is continuously being studied and understood, in reality, height should not really determine the abilities, confidence and success of a person.