Tips on How to Grow Taller Naturally 0

A person’s height can have a huge effect on a person’s confidence, social skills and physical performance. There are areas in life wherein being tall has its advantages and in some cases, disadvantages. In the athletics area for example, it can be an advantage in sports such as basketball, volleyball, fencing, tennis, baseball, and swimming. While sports such as gymnastics and weightlifting give more advantage to shorter athletes.

In the dating scene however, being tall, particularly for men has lot of advantages. Numerous studies have shown that majority of women prefer to be with men who are taller than them. Relationships wherein the woman tends to be taller than the man gets a lot of criticisms from people who don’t know them. It also makes the woman seem more dominant over her male counterpart.

For women however, being tall can only have an advantage in areas such as sports and careers such as modeling. Most women who are considered too tall often have a hard time finding a male partner. Some men tend to get intimidated if the woman is taller than them and find it hard to approach them. Tall women most likely also end up with tall men, but meeting a partner with around the same height is often a struggle.

In some Asian countries such as China, Korea and Thailand, tall males gain a lot more social prestige than those with just an average height. That is why there are a lot of males who feel very self conscious about their height, especially if they live in a culture wherein people give a much higher regard to men who are tall. Thus, several companies started to offer various programs on height increase. Some of these companies offer supplements, exercises and specific diets that promises several inches increase in a person’s height. But for some people who are afraid to take pills, supplements or anything that seems artificial or dangerous to the health, they try to find ways to increase their height naturally.

Increasing height with exercise

There are a lot of exercise tips online that promises to increase a person’s height. These normally involve a lot of stretching exercises. The idea is to help improve a person’s posture and stretch the muscles and bones to its proper alignment in order to give the illusion of being tall. There are also yoga types of exercises that is said to help increase height.

There are mixed reviews online about the effects of these exercises or whether they actually work. However, the effects of getting regular exercise and improving health without a doubt are far better than taking supplements or any harmful pills.

In fact, the advanced techniques found in the Grow Taller Pyramid Secret program are not only natural, safe and effective … they too are extremely healthy for you.

Eating foods that help increase growth

Nutrition plays a major role in increasing a person’s height. This is especially important during a person’s growing years. This means from the period of early childhood up until puberty. After puberty, when the bones have reached their maximum growth potential, people normally stop growing. That’s why while the growth hormones are still in its peak, it needs to be fueled with a lot of nutritious foods that can helps with bone development. These foods include the following:

  • Protein rich foods – the body needs the amino acids in protein rich foods such as chicken, green beans, lean meat and peanuts in order to help increase height.
  • Calcium rich foods – the body needs the calcium in milk, cheese, eggs and yogurt at a daily serving to help increase a person’s height
  • Foods rich in vitamin A and D – Foods such as carrots, peas, spinach, apricot, papaya and peach are rich in vitamin A that helps in proper organ functioning, healthy immune system and proper calcium absorption to help boost height.
  • Foods rich in minerals – Foods such as legumes, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, bananas, and lentils are rich in minerals that helps in bone growth.

Factors that affect human height

According to Wikipedia, the three factors that can affect human height are genetics, nutrition and environment. While genetic background basically plays a major role in a person’s height, nutrition and environmental factors can also be a contributing factor. For example, living in poverty usually equates to poor nutrition, causing stunted growth on children.

While these natural ways to grow taller can be very helpful health wise, don’t be too disappointed the result is only an inch or two height increase. There’s no way that anyone can alter genetics or to go back to your childhood and wish you have eaten more green and leafy vegetables. Being tall does not measure a person’s character or abilities. It is important to focus more on improving self esteem and confidence so that one’s height won’t hinder a person’s potential to do great things, to become a wonderful person and to live life to the fullest.